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    You don’t have to sell books at your event, but since you can order at a discount, many events find that the profits from the book sales can help cover the expense of bringing author Sharon Sayler to your event.

    How To Order Books in Bulk

    Quantity discounts of 10-30% on books for events, schools and other venues hosting an author appearance. You’ll need to start the ordering process at least ten weeks before your event to make sure you get the books in time as we need to allow eight weeks shipping time.

    Shipping costs are calculated separately depending on destination and method of shipping chosen and are not subject to the discount.

    Use this form to calculate your needs and then contact Connect [at] PinkyChenille [dot] com or through the Contact page on this website to get your personalized quote.

    Step One:

    First, decide where to order your books from; it’s usually easiest to have a local independent bookstore do it for you. Or drop us a note, and we can find a perfect solution.

    Step Two:

    Decide whether you want to purchase the books for your event as a gift – sponsors are often keen on purchasing books as part of an educational opportunity and we have options to ‘honor’ your sponsors for their generosity; or you can pass on any discount you receive to the attendees; or use the event as a fundraiser for your organization. We are happy to chat with you further about these and other ways we’ve seen buying in ‘bulk’ is a win-win for all.

    Step Three:

    Print a copy of the Book Order Form – download PDF here.

    2017 Pinky Chenille Bulk Purchase Instructions and Order Form

    Step Four:

    Depending on the event, it’s often a good idea to add 5% to 20% more books to your order for unexpected attendees, or those that forgot to order, but want to receive/purchase books at the event.

    Step Five:

    The week of the event, display your book(s) near the entrance or office so that attendees will know about my visit. If this is a school or library event, it’s always fun to read the book to the children before the visit too. Talk to them about writing, storytelling, imagination… to build the excitement to make this a very special event for all of us.