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    Dear Pinky Friends, Collaborators, and Promotional Partners,

    Thank you for your support and for your collaborating with me to bring Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters to life for our communities. I’m grateful that you believe in the power of Pinky and I truly appreciate you.

    If you haven’t had a chance to see it, Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters is a rhyming picture book for your young adventurers and peacemakers of every age. With whimsical art and playful rhyming verse, Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline weave a fantastical tale of inspiration on the importance of diversity, friendship, teamwork and getting along. Just like the classic tale ‘Wizard of Oz’ Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters starts with delightful black and white illustrations and ends in blazing full color. Ages 3-8.

    We are already seeing presales and praise coming into our office — including a 5-Star Readers’ Favorite Review, all excited to share the message of diversity, teamwork, and getting along.

    How you can help:

    You can email, blog, tweet, post or mention in your newsletter, scream, shout, or dance about the power of Pinky. Below are links to various samples and ideas to promote the book.  Feel free to use as is, adapt or share your own thoughts and comments on Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters.

    We are striving for 5-stars and to stay at #1!

    You can point people directly to Amazon to get the Kindle version myBook.to/PinkyChenilleRainbow   This link will take you to the correct Amazon Kindle page regardless of your location. For example, if you are sharing in Canada, the above link will go to Amazon Canada etc.

    Regarding promotion: I trust the familiarity and relationship you have with the communities you serve and I encourage you to edit my suggested social media, subject line or content to connect best with your audience.

    Thank you again

    Sharon, Pinky, Princess Adeline and crew

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    When you opt-in, you will receive an invitation to a short 5-question form so we can connect via social media and coordinate sharing and reach of our efforts. With this opt-in, your info will be used for the launch only. It will not put you on any other mailing list, other than updates about the launch. If you want to opt-in to the main Pinky site list you can opt-in here: https://pinkychenille.com/pinky-fun/

    Know that opting-in is not required, however, if you register beside supporting the Pinky Chenille Promotion, we will be able to send you some goodies — a win-win for both of us!  To join the list please opt-in BELOW.

    If you haven’t filled out the 5-question promotion partner form yet, can you use this link to help us keep it all together and everyone attuned?  Please fill in this simple 5 question form.

    Social Media Connections

    Click the links below for ready-made samples and ideas to ‘swipe’!

    Images to Share: 

    Click on image to see complete image, and then to download the image to share on social media, on PC right click & select “save image as.” To download on Mac hold down the Control Key, click & select “save link as.”

    Kindle Link: Use this link: myBook.to/PinkyChenilleRainbow   It will take you to the correct Amazon country site, for example, if you are promoting in the US it will take you to Amazon US or if you are promoting in Canada it will take you to the correct page on Amazon Canada.

    The link should take you to: Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters… An Enchanting Adventure Rhyming Picture Book for Kids Age 3-6 (The Pinky Chenille Series Book 1)

    Got Questions? Let Sharon know at Connect@PinkyChenille.com

    Thank you again for your help in making this book a huge success. I know the power of Pinky can bring change to the world. I appreciate you and all that you are doing to make change happen too. If you tag me or let me know you are promoting Pinky, we’ve got plenty of goodies to share with you after the promotion period.