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    Welcome to Addendale, the land of Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline


    Pinky Chenille™ is Addendale’s mascot for fun, adventure, imagination, curiosity, and love. Pinky is an explorer, adventurer, and ‘light-hearted trouble-finder.’ Princess Adeline is our steady problem solver. She is curious, intelligent, and immensely good-hearted. Pinky and Princess Adeline are the very best of friends and bring much joy, gratitude, and love to us here in Addendale.

    At the heart of it all, Pinky Chenille™ is ‘Powered By Love.’ Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline celebrate creativity, problem-solving, acceptance, team building, friendship, love, self-acceptance, and getting along . . . now and forever! If we all knew our importance and the importance of others, and never lost our sense of gratitude, curiosity, and adventure, we here at Addendale know all worlds could be a better place.

    Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters ~ a rhyming, adventure-filled picture book for ages 3-8!

    Pinky Chenille Rainbow Hunters Book Trailer by Sharon Sayler | Story Time | Bedtime Story | www.PinkyChenille.com from Sharon Sayler on Vimeo.

     As Princess Adeline came rushing along,
    By the look on her face, something was wrong . . .
    “Pinky! Pinky! Where did the colors go?
    I’ve been looking high and low!” 

    In this first book in the series, Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline wake up one day to find their world drastically changed. When all the Color Critters decide everyone is too mean, Addendale becomes a very sad place indeed…. Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline try to bring color back to their world – yet, the Colors are unimpressed – until they see the problems of a world without color…! In the end, Pinky, Adeline, and the Color Critters develop a deep appreciation for what each one brings to their world.

    Bursting with beautiful illustrations, this magical story is designed to entertain and inspire young minds, stimulate their imagination, and even educate, all the while, weaving life lessons such as teamwork, getting along, curiosity, empathy, and persistence.

    With whimsical art and playful rhyming verse, Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline weave a fantastical tale of inspiration on the importance of teamwork and getting along. Just like the classic tale ‘Wizard of Oz’ Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters starts with delightful black and white illustrations and ends in a merriment of blazing full color.


    Perfect for:
    Children ages 3-8
    Mommy and Daddy Bloggers
    Teachers and Story Tellers
    Kids Books Enthusiasts
    Other ‘Worlds’ Aficionados
    Playgroups and Parties

    Book Details

    Title: Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters
    Publisher: Addendale Press
    Author: Sharon Sayler
    Illustrator: Olivia Cole

    Individual orders are available here on this site, online and local booksellers. Order your signed copy here on this website or request a signed “bookplate” to add to your own copy at the  Connect with Pinky page.

    Pinky Chenille books are available three ways:

    1. Hardcover 8.5″ x 8.5″ with MP3-CD included
    2. Kindle
    3. Audio Book mp3 digital download

    Trade, Event, and Bulk Book Discounts

    To set up your personalized event and for bulk book discount options visit www.PinkyChenille.com/Trade for more details or contact us on the Connect with Pinky page. We can work with you; we even offer Virtual Visits.

    Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline are trademarks of Addendale Press LLC.

    About The Author~

    The characters in Sharon Sayler’s worlds come alive in her rhyming picture books! Each book is filled with magical stories woven together with life lessons and beautiful illustrations designed to entertain and inspire young minds, stimulate their imagination, and even educate.

    As a children’s author, Sharon Sayler’s passion is to show through fun and creative storytelling great values and life lessons in a playful and easy to understand way.  Sharon’s work as a corporate communications expert has refined her belief that if our children are to create change in the world, they need to have early exposure to diversity, getting along, empathy, persistence, and understanding that each person has individual characteristics that make them unique – and that’s okay….

    Sharon Sayler is available for readings, storytimes, and school assemblies. She typically does 2 to 3 storytimes, or assemblies in a visit, usually arranged by grade groups or interests. We are happy to tailor the presentations to the needs of your venue. We can also provide a writing workshop for a small group of children in addition to assemblies and an evening event that includes parents.

    Sharon enjoys book signings and getting to know attendees at the same time. Book signings are a great way to pay for Sharon’s visit or raise money for your school or other cause.

    Contact us via the Contact Page on this website to set up your personalized event and for bulk discounts book buying options. We will work with you; we even offer a Virtual Visit.

    About The Illustrator~

    Olivia grew up in the Pacific Northwest, drawing since she could use a pencil. She graduated from Portland State with a B.A. in Fine Arts and now spends her time illustrating and enjoys training and caring for dogs, and traveling Oregon for adventures and good food.